Southern States RABBIT information


Timothy hay bale 24oz: (06680046)Kaytee Timothy Hay is a natural product with no preservatives or additives, and because timothy hay is lower in calcium, it may decrease the likelihood of urinary tract problems. Ingredients Natural sun-c

Timothy yogurt treats: (06633085)We start with Timothy Hay, which is an excellent source for daily dietary natural fiber needed for proper digestive health in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Timothy hay is a better, healthier choice than alfalfa. Then we've coated each timothy hay pellet with a thick rich creamy yogurt. This creates an irresistible dual wholesome fun-filled snack reward treat for your companion pet. The added beneficial bacteria helps support good digestion.

Crunchy carrot cake treat: (06609421)Made with real carrots, apples and raisins then oven baked for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas



Fiesta max rabbit food: (10280310)Combines the best-loved fruits, vegetables, nuts, pellets, and specialty seeds into a nutritious, fun-to-eat, culinary adventure for your rabbit. Contains DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids to support heart, brain, and visual functions and natural antioxidants that support immunity and general pet health. Also contains prebiotics and probiotics, which are natural ingredients that aid in digestive health. The wide variety of ingredients in Fiesta helps pique your rabbit's interest by stimulating his natural feeding instincts. Fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Bonanza rabbit food: (06602407) Give your rabbit this vitamin-packed diet everyday to help maintain a healthy life. Rich in a wide variety of nutrients, this gourmet diet contains ingredients that your rabbit will love to eat including vegetables, alfalfa, wheat, oats, and more

  Big Red Rabbit Food: 10 lbs bags (50515613) 25 lbs bags (55161012) ask about 50 lbs bags. Big Red Rabbit Food contains the optimum balance of protein and energy with all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for raising healthy rabbits. No supplemental feeding is required. Feed consumption varies depending size of rabbit, life stage, temperature, rate of growth, and genetic characteristics. Refer to feeding guideline chart on the packaging as a guide

Feeding Rabbits

Healthy rabbits


The amount of food energy a rabbit needs varies with gestation, lactation, outside temperature and body size. As the digestible energy content of the food decreases, the rabbit will eat more to meet its needs. If the energy content of a feed is too low, a rabbit may not be able to consume enough to grow and lactate.

The amount of protein a rabbit needs to maintain growth depends a great deal on the quality of the protein it receives. The quality of protein is related to the amino acid make-up. A well-balanced diet, in terms of amino acids, usually contains between 15 and 20 percent protein. Fur is composed primarily of protein, so if you are producing fur, a high-protein diet would provide good growth.

Dietary fiber
Rabbits do not use dietary fiber very well. As the fiber content increases, digestibility energy decreases. Consequently, rabbits have to consume more feed to provide for body functions. There is no dietary recommended fiber level, but most feeds contain from 14 to 20 percent. If you supplement your rabbits' diets with fresh greens, make sure the amount of balanced feed they consume remains stable, or their growth and lactation rates may decrease.

How much to feed
A good rule of thumb is 2 to 3 ounces per day for small breeds, 3.5 to 4 ounces per day for medium breeds, and 4 to 8 ounces per day for large breeds. Beginning on the second day after kindling, nursing does should have their feed increased daily, until they are non full-feed and should be kept at full-feed until the litter is weaned.

Feeding methods

Place feed in hoppers from which the rabbits may eat until they're full. Feeding once a day, usually, in the evening, is plenty, but it's important to feed at the same time each day.

Hand-feed once or twice daily. Increase the feed allowance until the rabbit cleans up all the feed or just has a few pellets left at the next feeding. This way, the stock always has fresh feed.

A lower than normal feed allowance is hand-fed once or twice daily to herb bucks, dry does and young breeding stock to prevent them from becoming too fat. A fat rabbit has a lower reproduction rate.


             Flip Top Water Bottle * Snacks * Gnaw Bones * Hay Kobs * Woody Pet Pellet Bedding

                                                               Timothy Hay * Clip - N - Trim

                                                                *accessories can be ordered

SMALL RABBITAT HUTCH 27 IN. X 25 IN. X 47 IN. - Ready to assemble (requires screwdrivers) hinged roof 1/2 in. x 1 in. gaw wire, 1/2 in. x 1 in. gaw PVC coated floor wire. Includes pan, premium quality wood. (06630336)

LARGE RABBITAT HUTCH 39 IN. X 25 IN. X 47 IN. - Ready to assemble (requires screwdrivers) hinged roof 1/2 in. x 1 in. gaw wire, 1/2 in. x 1 in. gaw PVC coated floor wire. Includes pan, premium quality wood. (06630337)

RABBIT CAGE WITH GREEN PLASTIC BOTTOM: (06613980) 24.5IN -The pet lodge deep plastic tray home for rabbits and other small animals is ideal for in home use. Easy to clean, deep plastic tray helps contain bedding and litter. Top and front door access. Dual handles for transport. Kid friendly door latches. Rounded corners for safety

LITTLE GIANT WIRE RABBIT HAY RACK: (06621214) Wire rabbit hay rack eliminates wasted food while keeping it clean. Built in mineral/spool holder. Fits most wire cages.

HEATED WATER BOTTLE 32OZ: (06616249) World's first thermostatically controlled heated water bottle for rabbits and other small animals. This durable plastic bottle holds 32 ounces of water, has a flip up lid allowing for easy filling from the top, and has a brass no-drip drinking valve. It mounts to the outside of a cage or hutch and comes complete with mounting springs. Keeps water from freezing during the winter. One year warranty.



Southern States Rabbit Feeds

Southern States Rabbit Feeds contain a unique combination of ingredients including the biotechnology of Probiotics which provides live yeast culture and natural lactic acid-producing bacteria to the rabbit's digestive tract.

Why are Probiotics important?

These additives help maintain an optimum low pH to inhibit growth of undesirable bacteria and help reduce incidence of enteritis.

Oregon State University Rabbit Research Unit conducted trials to find out what effect Probiotics had in decreasing mortality in weaning rabbits due to enteritis and its effect on feed efficiency. The trial consisted of 24 rabbits in the control group and 24 rabbits in the Probiotic group. They found that the rabbits fed a high alfalfa diet and Probiotic in drinking water had a 0% mortality rate and were fed just 3.45 lbs. of feed per pound of weight gained. Rabbits in the control group were fed the same high alfalfa diet and plain water. The control group rabbits had a 17% mortality rate due to enteritis and were fed 3.9 lbs. of feed per pound of weight gained.

Effects of Probiotic in drinking water on performance of weaning rabbits fed a high alfalfa diet



Avg. daily gain

Feed to gain ratio

Enteritis mortality





4 (17%)





0 (0)%

Ammonia Control
Southern States Rabbit Feeds also contain a unique product for ammonia control. It is an all-natural product containing selected glycocomponents from the Yucca schiligera plant. It is used as an addition to Southern States rabbit feeds to bind ammonia and other noxious gases released from animal waste.

It is clear that ammonia is a major problem in causing high mortality in rabbits. With this in mind, our research has shown that when this extract is added to the rabbit feed, ammonia levels are decreased, thus improving the environment for the rabbits. Research from France shows that when there is an increase or overload in the nitrogen content of the rabbit feed, there is a subsequent increase in the ammonia level within the cecum. The addition of the yucca extract reduced the level of ammonia and kept the pH of the cecum low. The benefit of keeping ammonia levels low is a reduction of mortality of young rabbits.

Choose from three Southern States Rabbit Feeds:

Big Red Rabbit's Choice Rabbit Feed

Big Red Rabbit Food
18% Protein / 2% Fat / 16% Fiber

Performance Plus Rabbit Pellets
16% or 18% Protein / 2.5% Fat /