Feb 26

Rhode Island Red

Barred Rock

March 5                                               March 12

Australorps                                         Cuckoo Marans

Buff Orpingtons                                   Speckled Sussex

          Buckeyes                              Silver Laced Wyandottes

*** Assortment of Chicks             *** Assortment of Chicks

March 19                                              April 9

Americanas                                        Barred Rocks

Light Brahmas                          Rhode Island Reds

April 16                                                April 30

Americanas                                      Australorps

White Leghorns                           Buff Orpingtons

                                                      White Leghorns


(Straight Run)

March 26

Blue Swedish

Black Swedish


Welsh Harlequins


Chick Schedule

** These Are Estimated Dates Of Arrival For Our Chicks

These Dates are NOT guaranteed to be here these exact days. **

Assorted Guineas

(Straight Run)

June 4

August 20

Farmers & Planters Too

July 9                                        July 16

Silver Laced Wyandotte            Barred Rocks
Rhode Island Reds        Single Comb Brown Leghorns

July 23

*** Silkies        *** Japanese        *** Sebrights

 Black                       Black                          Silver
Blue                     Black Tail White         Golden

                   Buff                      Black Tail Buff


July 30                    August 6

     Americanas                    Australorps
    Rhode Island Reds         Buff Orpingtons

August 20

Rhode Island Reds

Single Comb Brown Leghorns

Silver Laced Wyandottes

      May 7                                 May 14

Speckled Sussex                    Delaware

Silver Laced Wyandotte            Americanas

May 21

Rhode Island Reds

Barred Rocks

June 4

(Straight Run)

*** Silkies                  *** Polish

Black                            Buff

         Buff                   Golden Silver

                 Blue            White Crested Black

White                      White

June 18                                June 25        

      Australorps                       Americanas

Golden Penciled Hamburg    Silver Spangled Hamburg