(Straight Run)

March 26

Blue Swedish

Black Swedish


Welsh Harlequins

              Feb 26

Rhode Island Red

Barred Rock

March 5                                               March 12

Australorps                                         Cuckoo Marans

Buff Orpingtons                                   Speckled Sussex

          Buckeyes                              Silver Laced Wyandottes

*** Assortment of Chicks             *** Assortment of Chicks

March 19                                              April 9

Americanas                                        Barred Rocks

Light Brahmas                          Rhode Island Reds

April 16                                                April 30

Americanas                                      Australorps

White Leghorns                           Buff Orpingtons

                                                      White Leghorns

Assorted Guineas

(Straight Run)

June 4

August 20

      May 7                                 May 14

Speckled Sussex                    Delaware

Silver Laced Wyandotte            Americanas

May 21

Rhode Island Reds

Barred Rocks

June 4

(Straight Run)

*** Silkies                  *** Polish

Black                            Buff

         Buff                   Golden Silver

                 Blue            White Crested Black

White                      White

June 18                                June 25        

      Australorps                       Americanas

Golden Penciled Hamburg    Silver Spangled Hamburg

Farmers & Planters Too

July 9                                        July 16

Silver Laced Wyandotte            Barred Rocks
Rhode Island Reds        Single Comb Brown Leghorns

July 23

*** Silkies        *** Japanese        *** Sebrights

 Black                       Black                          Silver
Blue                     Black Tail White         Golden

                   Buff                      Black Tail Buff


July 30                    August 6

     Americanas                    Australorps
    Rhode Island Reds         Buff Orpingtons

August 20

Rhode Island Reds

Single Comb Brown Leghorns

Silver Laced Wyandottes

** These Are Estimated Dates Of Arrival For Our Chicks

These Dates are NOT guaranteed to be here these exact days. **


Chick Schedule