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Pine Shavings

This is a quality 100% natural bedding product made in the U.S.A. Southern States Pine Shavings are Kiln dried for higher absorbency keeping animals clean and dry. The soft texture and insulation against cold floors creates a comfortable environment for animals. Screened to reduce airborne dust. Makes great bedding for all livestock and companion animals. Weight: Approximately 45 lbs.

Sku: 100-00741

Mini Flake 


With more surface area and less air between the flakes, this specially-sized, small-flake wood shaving provides more wood fiber by volume than larger grades of shavings. More fiber means better liquid and odor absorption when compared to the same volume of larger shavings. It also means that when picking manure from the stall, most of the unused shavings fall through the fork, similar to clumping cat litter, which saves time, bedding, and money.

Sku : 100-02868


All natural wood shavings bedding, thoroughly dried to ensure minimum moisture content for maximum absorbency. America's Choice Medium Flake provides better loft, easy cleanouts and great cushioning. Expands to 7.5 cu ft. Poplar

Sku: 100-04144

Bedding Pellets

All Natural Animal Bedding. More Absorbent - Highly compressed pellets expand to absorb more than conventional bedding. Saves time - Quicker cleanup because pellets drop through fork easily, so unsoiled bedding remains in the stall. Saves Money - Less expensive because you use less than conventional bedding. Healthier - Pelletized to reduce airborne dust particles, eye and respiratory irritation. Naturally reduces ammonia odor. Ship points from coast to coast

Sku: 100-02878