Steven T. White (1992) - General Manager/ Exec. V-P/ Agronomist/ Nutrient Management Advisor/ GrowMaster Pro/ CCA

Susan W. White(1995)- Office Manager/ Director /  

PS Plan Administrator/ MD Notary Public

Charles J. Otto (1995)- Certified Crop Consultant/ Field Sales Representative/ Director / Agronomist/ GrowMaster Pro/ CCA

Brian M. Evans (1973)- Branch Manager (Brick Kiln Rd)/ Secretary-Treasurer/ GrowMaster Pro/ CCA

Rex A. Parsons (1992) - Mechanic / Crop Applicator
Richard Travers (1998) - Mechanic / Driver

Bryan H. Toadvine (1989) - Warehouse / Driver

Steven V. White (    ) - Delivery Driver

Larry Hurley Sr. (2000) - Brick Kiln Warehouse

Chad E. Littleton (2016) - Warehouse / I.P Specilast

Zack Graves (2017) - Warehouse

Carl Kohler (2017) - Warehouse

Katie Grey (2017) - Warehouse

Shannan R. Lambert (2007)- Customer Service Specialist

Lauren R. Lewis  (2009)- Office & Advertising Assistant

Alexis M. Ratliff  (2017) - Cashier

Gaby Giorgi (2017) - Cashier

Emily  N. Calloway (2017) - Cashier

Sandy Kulley  (2017) - Cashier

Farmers & Planters Too

Meet Our Staff

For over 100 years The Farmers and planters Company in Salisbury has been an integral service provider to the Agricultural Community. 

Board of Directors

Donald L. Hales - President

Alan Wilbur - Vice President

Steven T. White- Executive VP & Assistant Sec/ Treasurer

Charles J. Otto-  Director

Brian M. Evans- Director- Secretary/ Treasurer

P. Curtis Massey - Director

Alan Wilbur- Director

L. Quint Riley- Director

Zeke Collins Sr. - Director

Eugene Lowe III - Director

Eddie Moore- Director

W. Thomas Calloway II - Director

Susan W. White - Director

Past Board Members

Fred Wierman- Director

Irene M. Phillips- Director/ Trustee PS Plan (57 years of service)

Wallace L. Luffman (Former Director)

Bernard E. Murphy (Retired General Manager)

Jerry Rider (Former Director)

William Calloway- (Former Director)

William Toadvine - ( Former Director)

William I. Guy- ( Former Director)