0Steven T. White (1992) - General Manager/ Exec. V-P/ Agronomist/ Nutrient Management Advisor/ GrowMaster Pro/ CCA

Susan W. White (1995)- Office Manager/ Director /  

PS Plan Administrator/ MD Notary Public

Charles J. Otto (1995)- Certified Crop Consultant/ Field Sales Representative/ Director / Agronomist/ GrowMaster Pro/ CCA

Brian M. Evans (1973)- Branch Manager (Brick Kiln Rd)/ Secretary-Treasurer/ GrowMaster Pro/ CCA

Shannan Lambert (2007)- Retail / Office Clerk

Lauren R. Lewis (2009)- Retail / Office Assistant

Rex A. Parsons (1992)- Mechanic/ Crop Applicator

Richard Travers (1998)- Mechanic/ Driver

Bryan H. Toadvine (1989)- Warehouse/ Driver

Stevie White - Delivery / Warehouse

Larry Hurley, Sr. (2000)- Warehouse

Anthony Castillo (2012) - Warehouse

Chad Littleton (2016) - Retail / Warehouse

Board of Directors

Donald L. Hales - President

Alan Wilbur - Vice President

Steven T. White- Executive VP & Assistant Sec/ Treasurer

Charles J. Otto-  Director

Brian M. Evans- Director- Secretary/ Treasurer

P. Curtis Massey - Director

William I. Guy- Director

Alan Wilbur- Director

L. Quint Riley- Director

Zeke Collins Sr. - Director

Eugene Lowe III - Director

Susan W. White - Director

Past Board Members

Fred Wierman- Director

Irene M. Phillips- Director/ Trustee PS Plan (57 years of service)

Wallace L. Luffman (Former Director)

Bernard E. Murphy (Retired General Manager)

Jerry Rider (Former Director)

William Calloway- (Former Director)

William Toadvine - ( Former Director)

Meet Our Staff

For over 100 years The Farmers and planters Company in Salisbury has been an integral service provider to the Agricultural Community.